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Posted by: waterfarm, on 26/06/2011, in category "Social History"
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Abstract: The story of the iron cross on Ballsallagh mountain



On Ballsallagh mountain just a short distance from Dungonnell reservoir stands a small iron cross. It was put there by the late Father Fullen , parish priest of Glenravel at the time to mark the spot of a tragic accident.

   For a period of six weeks in the months of May and June 1945 a unit of the Belgian army would come daily from a base in Antrim to Ballsallagh and Dungonnell mountains for military exercises. Each morning a red flag was raised to warn the locals of the danger of gunfire etc. and each evening as the soldiers left they replaced this with a green flag.

    Unfortunately on the last day of the exercises 22nd June 1945, a grenade exploded prematurely and a young soldier named Gerard Dessent lost his life. His name and date of death are engraved on the cross. 

Colm Scullion



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