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The Narrow Gauge Line

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Posted by: waterfarm, on 27/06/2011, in category "Railways, Mining and Mineral Transport"
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Abstract: A poem by Siobhan Ni Luain (Born June 1889 Died Feb 1970) Siobhan was born and reared in the townland of Ballsallagh in Glenravel.She was a prolific writer of poems and short stories many of which were published in 'The Dublin Opinion' Many of her poems were written about childhood memories around Glenravel. The Narrow Gauge Line is from her book of poems titled 'The Sally Patch And Other Poems'.


Looking up through the trees,

Leaning out from the door,

I shall never again

See the train from Parkmore

With its small shining engine

So sturdy and grand

And it winding its way

Through the length of the land.


Oh, there once was a time,

And a time there was then,

When the train, like the river,

Was part of the glen,

And the thread that connected us,

Silver and fine,

With the rest of the world

Was the narrow gauge line.


You never knew what

That small train might be bringing

To the halt by the bushes

With all the birds singing;

With its soft trail of smoke

And its rumble of thunder;

And who would get out

Would be half a days wonder.


There’s no child will ever

Go running again

To stand on the bridge

And see the small train

Leap straight at the darkness

And thunder beneath

And out and away

To the wind and the heath.


There’s no child will wait now

To feel the bridge shake

And shout for adventure’s

Sweet perilous sake.

Where silver rails shone

There is wilderness now

And the whins, the wild ash

And the weed grasses grow.


When I was a child

I’d have said that forever

The train would endure

Just the same as the river.

But the world’s in a hurry

With your life and mine

And it hasn’t much use

For a narrow-gauge line.



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Comment posted by megcm4 on 19 May 2019 21:13
Beautiful poem!
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