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Thread: McCann Family History... Help!

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21 August 2013 - 18:09:14
McCann Family History... Help!


I am desperately trying to find out more information on my McCann family. I have tried and tried to get anywhere, and keep hitting dead ends. This is what I have for information, I am trying to get more information, to get farther back, and to get copies of the records I have been able to get dates for. Here is what I have ....
Edward McCann ( Unknown birth date, or death date) Married on 17 Jun 1840 in Glenravel Parish, County Antrim, Ireland to Mary McCollam. Mary was born 24 Jun 1819 in Antrim County, Ireland, she emigrated to America around 1885 with her daughter Rose McCann. Mary (McCollam) McCann passed away in Ransom County, North Dakota, USA on 20 April 1891. ( These birth and death dates came from her gravestone here in the local cemetery in Lisbon, North Dakota,USA. The witnesses at Edward & Mary (McCollam) McCann's wedding were Catherine McCollam and Matilda Gibson. Edward & Mary (McCollam) McCann had two children, their first was Rose McCann who was baptized 17 April 1849 in Glenravel Parish, County Antrim, Ireland. Her godparents were Arthur McCann and Eliza Neeson, she emigrated to the U.S.A. with her mother Mary (McCollam) McCann in about 1885. Rose McCann passed away in Verona, LaMoure County, North Dakota,USA on 3 May 1926. Edward & Mary's second child was Edward McCann (Jr) who was baptised 19 April 1855 in Glenravel Parish, County Antrim, Ireland. Edward (Jr)'s godparents were Henry and Sally McLaughlin. Edward McCann (Jr) married on 30 Oct 1876 in Broughshane, Racavan Parish, County Antrim, Ireland to Rose Magill. Rose (Magill) McCann was born 2 Feb 1853 in Glenravel Parish, County Antrim, Ireland. Edward (Jr) and Rose (Magill) McCann had three children in Ireland, and 7 more when they came to America. The first three children they had over in Ireland were, John Joseph McCann, born 10 Mar 1877 in County Antrim, Ireland, their second child was Bernard Joseph McCann born 1 Jan 1879 in Kilnacolpagh, Racavan Parish, Ireland, their third child was Mary McCann born 4 July 1881 in County Antrim, Ireland. Edward & Rose (Magill) McCann and their 3 children emigrated to America and arrived in New York Harbor, USA on the ship  "S.S. Sate of Nevada" on April 30 1883. They came to Lisbon, North Dakota, USA  on 4 May 1883. Where they had their remaining 7 children, Roland, Edward, Margaret, James,Francis, Thomas, and Rose. Rose (Magill) McCann's parents were John Magill & Margaret McKeown. This is what I have for information on my McCann family. Any help would be great in my search. Please let me know what I can do next. Thanks! 
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23 August 2013 - 16:10:25
Re: McCann Family History... Help!

if you email susan gingras at she has done a lot of research on the mc canns in glenravel she also has  set up a glenravel tree on and  may give you access to  it  good luck

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