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Thread: Martinstown or Knockanully mills

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12 December 2013 - 06:45:38
Martinstown or Knockanully mills

I have reference to a 1778 lease from Lord Mountcashel to John and Andrew Martin of Lisbreen, Glenravel for 90 acres EXCEPT 1 and a half acres occupied by Samuel Davison, miller, and his undertenants "with a convenient road to and from same".
In McKillop's book "Along the Ravel and Cloughwater" on page 8 is reference to this same lease which is probably known today as Martinstown townland. The book also states that Martinstown was most likely part of the neighbouring townland of Knockanully, at one time.
So- my question- where would this mill operated by Davison be located and can anyone tell me more about the Davison and Martin families? (alterior motive- I am looking for a family connection/realtion to the PAUL's of the same place).

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