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Thread: Lisbreen Cottage

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12 May 2015 - 01:22:13
Lisbreen Cottage

Please can anyone help me find the exact location of Lisbreen cottage or farm?  I've been told it's somewhere along Killygore Road in Martinstown but I haven't been able to locate it on Google.  Many of the buildings are set well back from the road so it seems an impossible task!  I do have an old photograph of ithe house but I don't know if it's possible to upload it to this site.  My great-grandmother, Anne Strahan Alexander, was born there in 1867.  Her parents, James & Sarah Jane Alexander, bought the farm after their marriage in 1853 and lived there until James died in 1902.  Thank you.


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14 February 2016 - 15:00:00
Re: Lisbreen Cottage

Did you find out where lisbreen cottage is? I think it is my old home house. Or the house beside it .

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